Indiana Bifocal Reading Glasses with Magnetic Sunglasses

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  • UV Protection BS EN ISO 12312-1:2013
  • Metal Frame
  • Spring Hinges
  • Scratch-resistant acrylic lenses
  • Available in +1.25 to +4.0 strengths in .25 increments
  • Available in Black and Tortoiseshell
  • Unisex
  • Tested to BS EN 14139:2010

In a  metallic frame these blue bifocal glasses will enable you to view distances normally, but with a glance, you can read small detail through the discreet magnified reading section.  No more swapping glasses ever again.  Amazingly you can wear these over the top of contacts lenses if you wear them for distance as the top section isn’t magnified at all.  These lenses also have UV Protection to give you peace of mind whilst you’re out and about.




  • UV Protection BS EN ISO 12312-1:2013
  • Full UV400 Protection and Polarised Lenses
  • Scratch-resistant acrylic lenses
  • Available in +1.25 to +4.00 strengths
  • Available in Two Colours Black and Tortoiseshell
  • Tested to BS EN 14139:2010

These unique glasses function as both bifocal reading glasses with magnetic sunglasses overlay- all in one product! They feature bifocal reading lenses to which Polarised magnetic tinted lenses can be optionally and simply attached to the front. The tinted lenses provide full UV400 sun protection and the glasses have a wayfarer frame shape with spring-loaded temples. They are finished in matt black or tortoiseshell frames.

Perfect for so many activities, the top half of our bifocals are not magnified (allowing you to view normally for distance) and through the magnified bottom section, you can read, write, perform computer work, cook, clean, use the sat nav, read maps or speedometers, tie fishing lines and do many more tasks that were previously impossible without carrying two pairs of spectacles around.  Amazingly, this range of glasses is fabulous for wearing in conjunction with contacts lenses.   Your long distance vision is exactly the same but if close up work needs a boost, then these are just the job!


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